For the second edition of our MediaNama Talks (details below) we have Akriti Gaur, Aniruddh Nigam and Sreyan Chatterjee presenting their work on a report that attempts to formulate a roadmap for legal reforms to facilitate the transition of high-quality print journalism into the era of digital communications in a manner that furthers the public good.

You can register to attend this session, we are hosting this on August 18, 12 NOON (IST).

The news industry today stands at a vital crossroads. The worsening economic health of print journalism as a result of the growth of digital communications threatens its sustainability. Digital news, on the other hand, appears to be facing a broken business model and an uncertain regulatory environment. This report evaluates various regulatory proposals which have been floated for ensuring the transition of high-quality journalism to an age of digital communications, focusing on two broad themes: how the sustainability of print news can be ensured, and how the environment of digital news can be geared towards the public good. In doing so, the report attempts to build a principled framework through which various policy proposals for regulating the news environment can be evaluated and compared.


We are hosting this talk next Tuesday (August 18), starting 12 NOON (IST). Our format is 20-30 minutes of presentation, followed by 30-40 minutes of Q&A with our speakers.

  • Akriti is a lawyer and independent researcher, and was previously a Senior Fellow at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, where she led the Center for Applied Law and Technology Research. She studies the role of digital platforms and their impact on freedom of speech, labour rights, and privacy in India, and has worked on projects relating to privacy and data protection, regulation of the digital economy, and data governance. Akriti graduated from the National Law University, Jodhpur in 2015.
  • Aniruddh is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Law & Technology Research at Vidhi. At Vidhi, he works on projects related to technology law, internet governance and regulation of the digital economy. Aniruddh graduated from the National Law School of India University in 2019.
  • Sreyan is a Research Fellow at Vidhi. He has worked in the areas of financial regulation and insolvency laws. At Vidhi, he works on projects related to the regulation of the digital economy. Sreyan graduated from West Bengal National University of Judicial Sciences in 2016.

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