MediaNama ( is looking to hire a Tech Policy journalist to work with our existing team of five tech policy journalists. This is a specialised field, so please do read the posting below, before applying, and please follow the application process detailed below.

About Us

We’re a leading online media company covering news and providing analysis on developments in Digital/Technology Policy. We provide our readership of policy leaders, business leaders, government officials and citizens with incisive inputs on Indian and global technology policy developments across the digital industry, with a primary focus on India. We organise discussions with our community of policy professionals, and produce reports on subjects relevant for a technology policy audience.

What we’re looking for

  1. Location: Delhi, or the intention to move to Delhi once our office re-opens. We are currently working remotely, but in a post-COVID19 scenario, you will be expected to work with our team in our office in (North) Delhi. If you’re not in Delhi, then you will be expected to relocate.
  2. Experience:
    • 2-4 years of legal or policy reporting experience, preferably on technology policy. We are not looking for people with more than 4 years of experience.
    • Experience in understanding legal, policy and/or financial documents and filings is preferred.
    • Preference would be given to candidates with online work experience.
    • Promising candidates with limited experience may also be considered; your passion for the policy domain and writing skills matters most.
  3. Interests: Interested in policy developments related to Internet access, commerce, communications, social media, telecom, digital payments, e-governance, global Internet governance etc. You need to be passionate about this domain and how it impacts the world.
  4. Skills
    • Excellent command of the English language.
    • You need to have basic working knowledge of HTML, and familiarity with WordPress.
    • Comfort with working cross-platform, whether Slack, WhatsApp and/or phone calls.
  5. Setup: Given that we will be working remotely, you must have:
    • A working Internet connection and a backup
    • Your own laptop with a functional webcam and audio setup
    • A comfortable workspace, given that this will require long hours
  6. Cultural fit: MediaNama’s journalists care about the open Internet, and are keen on learning about the latest technology policy trends and perspectives. We are geeky about technology policy. We have an eye for news and a desire to get the news first. We enjoy engaging with and helping each other out with stories, information and perspectives. What matters most to us, is that MediaNama’s community of readers benefit from our work, and learn from the conversations they have with our journalists. We like the work that we do, and take great pride in it, and the impact that it has on the domain that we cover.
  7. Comfort with ambiguity: the news industry is dynamic, you need to be able to take decisions and iterate quickly. We are currently working remotely, perhaps for the rest of the year, so expect ambiguity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Track and report
    • Current news and developments in technology policy and tech law in India, key developments in the rest of the world.
    • Technology policy developments at the UN, EU and various global Internet policy forums.
    • Parliament, Supreme Court and various High Courts in India for policy developments
  • Analyse: judgments, data, regulatory filings and other information and present it in a concise manner
  • Organise: Prepare questions, help identify speakers, live tweet and/or report on MediaNama events, apart from taking on additional responsibilities. Prepare reports based on MediaNama events. You may also be required to host or moderate MediaNama events.

Application/hiring process:

  • Email with
    • Your CV
    • Details of your social media handles
    • Links to your three best writing samples (and author page, if available)
    • A cover letter (200 words) on why you would like to work with us.

Important: Completeness in the application is a screening criteria.

  • Based on the initial screening, we’ll schedule a call, which will typically be 10 min.
  • Following the call, we’ll schedule a test and an editorial interview. The test will take 3-4 hours.
  • Following the interviews, we’ll finalize terms on an HR call, followed by an appointment letter.


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