Search engine DuckDuckGo is accessible again in India, days after many internet users in India complained that they couldn’t open the site. “We are seeing our services broadly restored in India,” the company tweeted on Saturday. Gurshabad Grover, a researcher at the Centre for Internet and Society who was among the authors of a study on the technical methods employed by ISPs to block websites, confirmed on July 1 that the website was indeed inaccessible because it was blocked by internet providers.

It’s not clear whether the blocking was directed by the government or by a court order, or why it was rolled back.

New York Times inaccessible

Over the weekend, many Indian users of Reliance Jio reported that the New York Times’s website was inaccessible. It’s not immediately clear whether the site was blocked, as on most ISPs, users report that the site continues to be accessible. On a Jio connection we tested, the webpage either times out before loading or loads very slowly. These errors are not telltale signs of website blocking; Jio usually closes connections to blocked URLs immediately. We have reached out to the company to see if they have received instructions to block the website.