UPI transactions at ICICI Bank increased by 161% YoY to 371 million transactions in the quarter ended March 31, 2020. UPI transactions grew 12.7% over the previous quarter. There was also a 98% YoY jump is mobile banking.

88% of all savings account transactions — which include internet, mobile touch banking, phone banking, PoS, and debit cards e-commerce transactions — in FY2020 took place via digital banking.

Debit & Credit Cards: While the bank only added 1.3 million debit cards since Q4FY19, spends had been increasing steadily, even rising 8% in Q3FY20 over the previous quarter. There was a 6% YoY growth in spends, but average spends fell by 22% in March, as compared to January and February.

The number of credit cards increased 38% YoY to 9.1 million cards in Q4FY20. Credit card spends grew 45% YoY, but increased only 3.7% over the previous quarter. Given the lockdown, average spends in March were lower by 26% compared to that in January and February. The bank has tightened credit card limits to where they were “a couple of months back” for existing credit card holders.

  • Total income: Rs 23,443 crore, up 10.7% YoY
  • Net Profit: Rs 1,221 crore, up 26% YoY
  • Branches functional: 97%
  • Average uptime in ATMs: 98%

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