Chris Cox has returned to Facebook as Chief Product Officer, one year after he had left following disagreements with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Cox announced the move Thursday on Facebook. Cox had left Facebook last year with WhatsApp head Chris Daniels after Facebook took steps to unify Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp into a single platform.

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic recession and Black Lives Matter protests, Cox said he reached out to Zuckerberg to offer his help. “I’ve been following Facebook and I’ve been encouraged by progress on so many of the big issues facing us,” he said. “In the past month, the world has grown more chaotic and unstable, which has only given me more resolve to help out. Our most important decisions and products are ahead of us.”

“I’m really excited Chris is coming back to Facebook!” Zuckerberg said today.

Chris Daniels, who left Facebook with Cox, was head of He had been with Facebook for eight years in different roles before departing the company. Daniels’s who describes himself on LinkedIn as an independent investor has not indicated that he has any plans to return to the company. Unlike Cox, who was not replaced with a different CPO, Facebook replaced Daniels as head of WhatsApp with Will Cathcart.