Twitter introduced new conversation controls for tweets on May 21, where users can limit replies to a tweet to people they have tagged in a tweet, or people they follow. This way, if a user doesn’t tag anyone in a tweet, and limits replies to only tagged people, no one will be able to reply to that particular tweet. The company said in a blog post that this feature is just a test, and did not commit to rolling it out widely. This comes a few weeks after the social media company started testing “fleets“, tweets that disappear after a certain amount of time.

This is what the conversation controls look like:

Source: Twitter Blog

Twitter even posted “reply if you want to be verified!” with replies disabled. The joke here is presumably that it’s not been possible to reach out to Twitter to get your account verified since the company got in trouble for granting a blue tick to a white nationalist, even as the company continues to privately verify randomly chosen figures of prominence. Twitter has also been testing tweet scheduling, a feature previously only available on TweetDeck.