After Karnataka and Rajkot, the state of Madhya Pradesh created a public COVID-19 dashboard that included the names of quarantined people, their GPS coordinates of office and current location, device IDs, OS version, app version code, etc., French cybersecurity expert Robert Baptiste tweeted on May 10. Three hours later, the dashboard was taken down and the specific page, as well as the Madhya Pradesh Government’s geoportal link are both displaying a 503 error, MediaNama observed. The fact that the web pages show a 503 error is significant because that means that the page is offline but exists, unlike a 404 error which means that the page no longer exists or never existed.

An archived version of the page (which doesn’t have any personal details) shows that the dashboard was built by Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (MAP_IT) based on Sarthak, the state’s employee management system. It has tabs for quarantined people, active and inactive cases, outside area, and attendance.

It is not clear which app the field “Application Version Code” refers to, and if this is indeed the app that was used to give current location of the people on the list. We have reached out to the Madhya Pradesh IT Secretary and Baptiste for more information.