The Home Ministry on May 2 allowed zone-wise relaxations in the third phase of the nationwide lockdown for coronavirus. This phase will starts today (May 4) and will last for two-weeks until May 17. In Red Zones, the government prohibited cab aggregators and restricted e-commerce operations to only essential goods delivery.

In Orange Zones, cab aggregators are allowed to operate with a driver and two passengers. There are no specific restrictions or permissions on cab aggregators and e-commerce for Green Zones, but states/UTs can impose further restrictions if necessary.

New Delhi:

All 11 even districts of Delhi have been declared Red Zones:

  • Cab aggregators not allowed
  • Cable operators, computer and internet service providers are permitted
  • E-commerce permitted for only essential goods


Cab aggregators

  • In Red Zones, Cab aggregators, such as Ola and Uber, can transport medical personnel and patient to and from hospitals, with permission from the state transport authorities;
  • In Orange Zones, they can operate with a driver and two passengers
  • In Green Zones, they can operate without any restrictions


  • Red Zones: Permitted only for essential goods
  • Orange and Green Zones: Ecommerce permitted for all goods


Apart from containment zones, activities permitted in the three zones:

  • Red Zones: Only essential goods from May 4-17
  • Orange Zones: All goods, but with 50% staff from May 4-10, and with 75% staff from May 11-17
  • Green Zones: All goods with 75% staff from May 4-10, and with 100% from May 11-17


  • Red and Orange Zones: Cab aggregators are not permitted
  • Green Zones: No specific restriction on cab aggregators


  • Private vehicles with a driver and two passengers are allowed; Auto rickshaws are permitted with one driver and two passengers while maintaining social distancing
  • Two-wheelers allowed, pillion riding allowed only for a women or child of up to 12 years; this will impact operations of bike taxi aggregators such as Uber Moto and Rapido
  • No specific mention of cab aggregators
  • E-commerce allowed for all goods

We will be adding updates from other states.