Here are the questions the white paper asks, condensed:

  1. What are your comments on our guiding principles? What would you change?
  2. Are there platforms from around the world you consider a model for NODEs in India?
  3. What problems might we face when we transition from providing services online to NODEs?
  4. In your opinion, should all delivery platforms be ‘open source’ or are ‘open APIs’ and ‘open standards’, sufficient? Please elaborate with examples.
  5. How should the financing, procurement and data sharing of NODEs be governed? Are there existing models that can be used? How can privacy risks to users be mitigated?
  6. How do we build a vibrant network of ‘co-creators’ to help us in this mission? What engagement methods to do this have already worked in the past? What are some innovative ways to manage grievances?
  7. If you built a NODE of your own, what would you try to address? What would be the challenges you could face? How would you get stakeholders to help?
  8. What would you need to succeed in creating your own NODE?
  9. Do you want to engage further on this subject in individual consultations and workshops as we flesh out our strategy here further?


Read the whitepaper hereThe last day to respond to the whitepaper is on May 31. Respond here.