Huawei has appointed David Li as chief executive officer of its India operations. Li will oversee Huawei India’s strategy, directions and operations. He replaces Jay Chen, who will take up a leadership role within Huawei Asia Pacific Region, the company said.

Li had joined Huawei in 2002 and has held several leadership positions within the company. He has previously been responsible for leading the Network Solutions Sales team as South-east Asia director. In the Indian market, he has held different roles like vice president sales and vice president HR during different phases of his career. Li was CEO of Huawei Cambodia before he returned to India to take on as India CEO.

Huawei has been given the green-light to participate in India’s 5G field trials, despite repeatedly being cautioned against doing so by the US. In December 2019, the country had warned India of the “risks” posed by Chinese-made networks, to the “treasured freedoms”. A few months before that, it had also written to the Ministry of External Affairs, “warning” India that Indian companies that supply American-origin products could face severe punishment. Huawei has reportedly partnered with Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea to submit applications for the trials.