As children across the globe are confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, YouTube launched a new website on March 20 — Learn@Home — that curates educational YouTube channels for pre-schoolers, tweens, and teens. It includes popular channels such as Khan Academy, Sesame Street, and It also includes sample schedules from Khan Academy for students in every grade, and in most subjects.

The website offers channels for pre-schoolers, children between 5 and 13 years, and kids above 13 years. MediaNama observed that all curated content is currently based out of the US and the UK, but YouTube said in its announcement that it is working on expanding to more languages such as Italian, French, Korean, Spanish and Japanese in the coming days.

YouTube has also started a Learning channel (that it calls a “destination”) where it curates playlists on different subjects such as physics, mathematics, film making, etc. It also has a playlist on fitness. This channel seems to be geared towards older learners as well, since it has playlists for learning SQL, collage admissions, Python, etc. This is also currently available only in English right now, but will be expanded to Italian, French, Korean, Spanish and Japanese in the coming days.

Get a virtual study buddy: Study With Me

The platform has also launched a playlist called “Study With Me” where people can turn to these “virtual study buddies” as they learn from home. YouTube has listed popular videos from the larger Study With Me trend where teenagers film themselves just sitting and studying. Teens study in different environments — in silence, with different types of music — so that viewers can choose what works best for them. Mashable had called it “a community for studious, academically minded teens who feel isolated and in a minority at school” in 2018. While earlier it was a largely UK-based trend, it now has a number of takers in India as well.