African telecom infrastructure company Seacom inked a deal expanding its relationship with Tata Communications, the former announced today. Like Tata, Seacom mainly resells broadband access to ISPs and has some institutional clients. Seacom is a pan-African telecommunications provider whose undersea cable run along the continent’s coasts. It also connects the continent to Europe and Asia (including a landing point in Mumbai, courtesy Tata).

“There has been the technical capability to make this deal for years,” Seacom CEO Byron Clatterbuck said, “but only recently has demand surged between Africa, India and the rest of Asia as a result of recognised market potential.”

The deal will give Seacom’s clients greater bandwidth to business hubs such as Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore in Asia as well as Marseille, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam in Europe, with Tata Communications’s global Tier-1 Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Africa’s large size and sparsely distributed population have made it a notoriously hard continent to bring high-speed internet to. In January, internet speeds in several African countries slowed down after two cable systems (both partly set up or owned by Tata) were damaged.