During the Sunday Janata Curfew, internet exchanges in India showed a spike, but not all of them crossed the traffic in the preceding working days. This could be because Sunday is not a working day, and though most people were at home, many were not telecommuting. On March 21 we wrote about the surge in internet exchange traffic as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed more and more people to work from home.

Here’s Extreme Internet Exchange’s traffic for Sunday, which has hit a peak of 843Gbps (the equivalent of over ten thousand 75Mbps high speed fiber connections running at full capacity at the same time):

DE-CIX (of which the Mumbai Internet Exchange is a part) on the other hand did not record a high on Sunday; however, 2 hour averages were well above normal during working hours:

Similarly, NIXI’s traffic seemed to max out on 20 March more than Sunday (even scraping away at the frame of the graph):


NIXI’s traffic was significantly higher in Mumbai, where the government has imposed a much more comprehensive shutdown than in other states: