Twitter is considering adding brightly coloured labels to tweets by politicians and other public figures that are lies or contain misinformation, NBC News reported. This is an attempt to target misinformation on the platform. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to MediaNama that “this is a design mockup for one option that would involve community feedback”. The company “will be testing many different ways to address” misinformation, they said. A source at Twitter also told us that this project is in very early stages and has not been staffed yet. We have learnt that this project might not even be implemented and Twitter has no specific timelines for this.

What will the label look like? The demo had bright red and orange badges for “harmfully misleading” tweets in almost the same size as the tweet itself beneath the tweet with misinformation.

Who will verify the information? Verified fact-checkers and journalists on the platform, and potentially other users who participate in a new “Community Reports” feature, according to the NBC report. Twitter users could earn “points” and a “community badge” if they provided critical context to help people understand the information that they see. This is a way to ensure that trolls and political ideologies don’t become moderators “if they differ too often from the broader community in what they mark as false or misleading”.

Twitter’s fight against misinformation: Earlier this month, Twitter announced that, from March 5, it would start labelling tweets with synthetic and manipulated media, and would remove such content if it was “deceptively shared” and posed “serious harm”. In October 2019, the company had banned all political ads.

Update (3:11 pm): This article was updated with information from Twitter spokesperson and a Twitter source. The headline was also updated. The original article was published at 2:24 pm.