The Department of IT at the Government of Rajasthan is exploring the possibility of an Aadhaar card like “smart card” for all state citizens, with the main objective of tracking government beneficiary schemes, reported the Times of India. According to the report, the card would be used for individual beneficiary schemes including scholarships, pension, health insurance.

  • It would allow the government to create a database of citizens since the Central government does not share Aadhaar data with state governments, according to sources of Times of India.
  • This data can also be used in the formulation of new policies.
  • Another reason is that ration cards, under the state public distribution system, are set for a “revision” as the government plans to initiate smart ration cards. The smart ration card could integrate with this new proposed smart card.
  • A permanent number on the card would allow the government to check fraud.

In December 2019, the state cabinet had decided to replace the Bhamashah card with the Jan Aadhaar card. According to the government, the Jan Aadhaar card is aimed at being “the sole vehicle” of the delivery of cash and non-cash benefits and services. The Bhamashah scheme was launched in 2014 by the previous government to empower women financially.