Apple has quietly removed customer reviews from its web stores in the US, UK and Australia, according to AppleInsider. The outlet noted that the change was made on November 17. MediaNama has verified the development; the current version of the AirPods web page doesn’t show reviews, but its archived version from November 5 does.

Similarly, a November 17 archive of the Apple Pencil page did not have the customer reviews section, whereas the archived page dated November 16 does, AppleInsider said. The product had received several 1 star and 2 star ratings, as is evident from the archive.

At the moment, we don’t know why Apple decided to do away with customer reviews especially because the review section is among the most useful features on any e-commerce platform. Several people make their purchase decisions based on the feedback from other people. Nothing explains this anti-transparent move by Apple. Also, since Apple tightly controls its sales, the Apple website is the most common e-platform from where users buy Apple products.

While users can learn about popular Apple products such as the iPhone or Macbook from elsewhere, such as YouTube reviews, there might not be enough information elsewhere on less popular products and accessories. The Verge noted that Apple’s Lighting to headphone jack converter had more than 700 1-star ratings which now won’t be visible to prospective customers anymore.

Since customer reviews have been disabled from its web stores in the US, UK and Australia means, that in all likelihood, this is not an accident, but a choice made my Apple. We haven’t heard back from Apple despite repeated emails. Apple sells products in India via third-party resellers and not via its web store.