In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 6th October 2019

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TMC MP Mahua Moitra wants to be impleaded in the WhatsApp traceability case

Citing concerns about the citizens’ right to privacy, Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra has filed an impleadment application in the Madras High Court to make her submissions against the abrogation of an individual’s right to privacy. Read it here

Regulation is already strangulating artistic freedom of creators: Gursimran Khamba at MediaNama’s discussion on Online Content Regulation

“The moment the government steps in and tries to regulate [online content] I just inherently expect it to be a lot more ham-fisted than what it is right now. Read it here

Standardisation, jurisdiction, private viewing: MediaNama’s discussion on Online Content Regulation

“An English channel was launched in India, it was airing content from the US since it didn’t initially have local content. Given the expanded free speech and expression in the US, the license for comedy is much more there than for certain people, and certainly for two judges [in India]. Read it here

Will self-regulation for content platforms even work? Comments at MediaNama’s discussion on Online Content Regulation

“Self-regulation [for content platforms] is not going to happen because their business model is subscription,” said Rajesh Lalwani, Director at Scenario Consulting. “OTT platforms are going to push the boundaries to get people on board, and they will have slightly edgy content, or a lot more edgy content. Read it here

Right to be Forgotten: Delhi HC orders Google, Facebook to remove sexual harassment allegations against Subodh Gupta from search results

The Delhi High Court has ordered Facebook, Google, and Instagram to remove all posts, search results, and content containing ‘defamatory’ content — content containing sexual harassment allegations — against Indian artist Subodh Gupta, in an order dated September 18. Read it here

US-UK Data Access Agreement, signed on Oct 3, is an executive agreement under CLOUD Act

The US and UK signed the world’s first executive agreement under the CLOUD Act on October 3. Read it here

What Zuckerberg told employees about TikTok, Libra, and calls to break up Facebook

On October 1, The Verge published the full transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s two internal meetings which were held in July, wherein he answered employees’ questions on Facebook’s plan to counter the growth of TikTok, on Libra, on why Zuckerberg can’t attend every hearing in the world. Read it here

IMPS transactions grew 2% to 204.2 million in September 2019

India’s Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) saw an increase of 2% in the total transactions taking place between August 2019 and September 2019, according to data published by the National Payments Corporation of India, which owns and operates IMPS. Read it here

In 8 scenes, how a Sacred Games episode would change because of the TV content code

The government is considering a censor board-stye system to certify content on services like Netflix. This comes on top of a self-regulation content code that many streaming services have voluntarily signed. Read it here

EU nations can order Facebook to remove illegal content worldwide, top EU court rules

The European Court of Justice has ruled that individual member countries can order Facebook and other platforms to remove illegal content, and copies of such illegal content, and limit access to it worldwide. Read it here