A committee under the Department of Telecommunications which has been formed for the standardisation of Artificial Intelligence technology has invited papers on Artificial Intelligence. These original papers should address different aspects of AI such as – functional network architecture, AI architecture, data structures required, etc. DoT said that as the proliferation of AI increases, there is a need to develop an Indian AI stack so as to bring interoperability, among other things. Papers have been invited from academia, research, and technical industries, telecom service providers, application service providers and can be sent till November 25 to ddgadmnap-dot@gov.in and diradmnap-dot@gov.in. The committee’s decision will be notified on December 9.

What areas of AI should be covered in paper? There are five working groups that are working towards the standardisation of AI framework:

  • Working group 1: Standardisation of the functional architecture, AI architecture and data structures.
  • Working group 2: Standardisation of the type of interfaces and protocols, technologies employed, systems deployed, benchmarking practices.
  • Working group 3: Standardisation in Trustworthiness; digital rights and ethical standards in AI; preserving algorithm openness; Security and compliance aspects.
  • Working group 4: Standardisation in Interoperability Standards; technological mapping and leveraging AI for national missions.
  • Working Group 5: Development of Indian AI Stack.

Government formed a panel to resolve conflicts over AI

The government has recently formed a committee to resolve differences over AI mission between MEITY and NITI Aayog. It has been tasked to remove duplication of work between various government arms and resolve the overlap between MEITY’s and NITI Aayog’s plan for AI. It will also specify the role of different agencies to fast-track the implementation of the AI missions. MEITY had, in 2018, also formed four committees on AI for citizen-centric data services; skilling, reskilling and R&D; legal regulatory and cybersecurity, as per The Economic Times. The Ministry of Commerce and Industries had also formed a task force on AI, which was headed by V Kamakoti.