MediaNama invites you to apply to participate in a bootcamp that explains the basics of cryptocurrencies, including addressing questions such as:

  • What are cryptocurrencies? How are they valued?
  • How do they work? How are they traded?
  • What are the economics of the crypto space?
  • What are crypto exchanges? How do they make money?
  • What are the advantages of buying cryptocurrencies? What are the risks and dangers of buying cryptocurrencies?
  • What policies govern cryptocurrencies in different markets? What is the state of cryptocurrency regulation in India?
  • What are the key components of a cryptocurrency policy?

India has had a tricky relationship with cryptocurrencies, and economically, it’s not clear whether these are viewed as currency, investment instruments or commodities.

Apply to participate:

Note that the #NAMA Bootcamp format is a workshop that covers the basics of a particular public policy domain, and is meant to help build a base level understanding of domains from an economic and/or policy perspective. There will be presentations by experts that will be followed up with a round of questions and answers. The idea is to give participants a sharp overview of a domain within a short period of time.

This #NAMA Bootcamp is supported by Zebpay.

Important: Application does not guarantee participation, and we have limited seating. In case you fit our mandate for the intended audience, we’ll send you a confirmation on or before August 20, 2019.

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