The Indian Express’ Instagram account was hacked on August 11; an Indian Express spokesperson confirmed that the account was hacked at 2 am yesterday. The news outlet had announced in a tweet at around 4 am, that someone was posting pictures on their Instagram handle without permission. While their account handle remained the same, the username was changed to Adnan Serter, with a profile bio in Turkish. Apart from that, about 9 images of a woman were shared on the account.  The spokesperson said that the account was hacked by “someone in Turkey”.

Here is a screenshot of how Indian Express’ Instagram account looked after it was hacked (this screenshot is from 7 am yesterday):

At around 10 am, Indian Express posted an image on Instagram saying that they had regained control to their account and that it was hacked for a few hours. The spokesperson said that they had recovered the account at 9 am and got support from “the Facebook team which recovered the page for us [them]”.