Comments with engagement from original posters to be more prominent

Facebook has updated its policy for ranking comments on public posts; it will now start showing a comment more prominently when it has interactions from the Page person who originally posted it, or has comments and reactions from  friends of the original poster.  Facebook ranks public comments for Pages and people with large followings, so that only “relevant and quality” comments show up. Facebook currently takes into account these factors:

  1. Integrity signals: Safe and authentic comments; other signals such as engagement-bait is accounted for to ensure that comments shown are safe and meet community standards
  2. Comments interaction: Whether people like, react to, or reply to a comment
  3. Posters of comments can moderate the comments by hiding, deleting or engaging; Pages and people with significant followers can also turn off comment ranking, and anybody will small following can turn on comment ranking if they want to


Facebook Watch adds support for four Indian languages

Facebook is adding support for four Indian Languages – Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, and Telugu – to its Watch feature, and has also added ad breaks in Canada. 720 million people a month and 140 million people a day spend at least one minute on Facebook Watch. Daily visitors spend over 26 minutes on Watch every day.