MediaNama’s Public Policy job board is live, with job openings from Bytedance and Facebook:

If you’re hiring, please feel free to Post a Job opening here. Note: we’ll have to approve the job post based on relevance.

We often get queries from people, asking for recommendations on whom they could hire in the public policy roles, given our focus and readership in this area. The technology policy space has never been this active before, and given how much has happened in the last one year, and how both Indian companies and MNCs have struggled for capacity, many companies, law firms and think tanks are hiring in India today.

We’re launching this job board focused on the public policy ecosystem, to help with hiring in this space. The job board is currently in beta mode and free for the time being.

We hope this will make it easier for companies to hire candidates in the policy space, and for job-seekers to discover appropriate positions. This is only for the policy jobs, and non-relevant job posts will be removed. Given our policy focus, the likelihood of relevant candidates applying will be high.

We will be promoting the jobs on a weekly basis on MediaNama, on our social media pages, and via our daily newsletter. We’d love for you to try it out, and give us feedback. If you’re facing any issues, please feel to reach out to me at