Twitter said on Tuesday that users can appeal account suspensions though its app. Previously, a user would have to fill in a form in the help section of Twitter’s website to appeal a suspended or locked account. Twitter said the new system is already in use and has helped them get back to people “60% faster than before”. The company admitted it sometimes wrongly suspends accounts because it “doesn’t have the full context” and claimed the in-app appeal system would fix this.

‘Political ideology doesn’t shape our policies’

In February, Twitter said that political ideology did not shape its policies, days after being accused of bias against right-wing users in India. Right-wingers accused Twitter of limiting the reach of their accounts, banning or suspending accounts that support the Indian government, and manipulating the Trending section, among other things. “We do not review, prioritize, or enforce our policies on the basis of political ideology. Every Tweet and every account is treated impartially,” Twitter’s VP of global public policy Colin Crowell wrote in a blog post.

Twitter skipped parliamentary committee hearing

A week before that, Twitter was scheduled to attend a 31-member parliamentary committee hearing on IT after it was accused of political bias. However, it issued the following statement: “Given such a short notice of the hearing, we informed the Committee that it would not be possible for senior officials from the United States to appear on Monday. Our CEO, Jack Dorsey, and other senior Twitter executives visited India in recent weeks because it is an important market for Twitter and we value growing interest in Twitter in India.”

Common reasons why Twitter suspends accounts

Twitter says on its website that common reasons for suspension include abusive tweets or behaviour, spamming, and securing accounts that have been hacked or otherwise compromised. It says it handles violation of its rules in the following ways:

  • Requires the user to remove prohibited content before they can again create new posts and interact with other Twitter users
  • Temporarily limits the user’s ability to create posts or interact with other Twitter users
  • Asks the user to verify account ownership with a phone number or email address
  • Permanently suspends the account(s)