Dhanbad, the second most populous city in Jharkhand, has the best 4G availability among India’s 50 largest cities, according to a study by OpenSignal, which specializes in wireless coverage mapping through crowdsourcing. India’s largest cities performed poorly. OpenSignal’s study analyzed 4G availability in the 50 cities based on based on a combined score for all operators that have a 4G network in each city. The study took place between November 1, 2018 and January 30, 2019.

Dhanbad scored 95.3% in Opensignal’s measurements, just ahead of Ranchi, which scored 95%. Srinagar, one of India’s most remote cities, came in third with a 4G availability score of 94.9%. Kolkata was in 12th place with 93.3% availability, Bangalore (92.3%) was 27th, Chennai (91.1%) 30th, Delhi (89.8%) 39th, and Mumbai (89.7%) 40th.

opensignal chart

OpenSignal’s methodology

Opensignal’s 4G availability metric is not a measure of the geographic extent of a network. Rather, it measures what proportion of time its users with 4G devices and subscriptions can get a network connection in the places they frequent.

So if an operator has a 4G Availability score of 95%, that means OpenSignal’s LTE users on that network were connected to 4G services 95% of the time. It represents when users have an LTE connection, rather than where, “providing a far more accurate reflection of the true mobile user experience”.

OpensSignal says it also keeps track of the instances that leave mobile users most frustrated: when there is no signal to connect to at all. Most dead zones indoors, and because most of its availability data is collected indoors (since that’s where users spend most of their time), the company says, it is particularly good at detecting areas of zero coverage.