Apple deviated from its usual hardware announcements during its March 2019 event, instead focusing on new software launches. Amongst the launches are new news subscriptions, games and a credit card. Here’s a lowdown of the services Apple announced:

Apple TV+, a streaming service

  • Apple TV+ is a streaming service where users can subscribe to other streaming services like HBO Go, and watch sports on Apple TV Channels (to be launched in May)
  • Apple TV+ will have Apple produced original video content, available from September 2019
  • Users can subscribe to channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS All Access, and Smithsonian Channel
  • Apple did not provide the pricing and plans for either of these services

Apple News+, a new paid tier for news

  • Apple News now has a new paid option, with magazine content and full current and past issues, for $9.99 per month in the US and $12.99 in Canada
  • In this option, some layouts will be specifically designed for a phone and have different designs and layouts
  • It has 300 magazines, which include Wired, Popular Science, National Geographic and Essence, and publications like the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal
  • It will have a one month free trial, and be available from May
  • Apple will not let advertisers track Apple News+ users

Apple Card, a credit card

  • Apple’s credit card called Apple Card will use the Mastercard network, operated by Goldman Sachs, and both of these companies will not use personal data for advertising, Apple said.
  • The spending on this credit card can be tracked from the iPhone’s Wallet app by category, transaction history integrated with Apple Maps, and rewards.
  • The interest rate will be the lowest in the industry, and it will not have late or annual fees
  • Users can apply for this card from within the Wallet app

Apple Arcade, a games subscription

  • A subscription bundle will provide access to 100 games including those from Konami, Cartoon Network, Sega and Lego and independent titled, exclusive to Apple devices, starting September
  • Games will be available to play offline after downloading
  • Apple did not provide pricing plans