In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 24th February 2019

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Notes on feature phones, the growth of 4G, Africa biz from Airtel’s Q3FY19 concall

Bharti Airtel Ltd reported consolidated operational revenues of Rs 20,519 crore in the quarter ended December 31, 2018, largely stagnant year-over-year. Consolidated net profit for the period was 31% lower YoY from Rs 560 crore to Rs 382 crore. Read it here

18M Ixigo, 40M YouTube user records breached; 138M American citizens’ census data vulnerable

18 million records from travel bookings site Ixigo and 40 million records from YouTube were breached, as part of a larger data breach affecting 127 million user records across 8 companies, reports ZDNet. A hacker who stole 620 million user records from 16 major websites last year was behind the current breach. Read it here

Bombay HC election transparency case: Google and FB submit ad policies

In response to a petition in the Bombay HC, Facebook and Google have submitted that they will make changes (more on these changes below*) to their advertising policy ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, as reported by LiveLaw. Google and Facebook’s affidavits were submitted before the bench of Chief Justice Naresh Patil and Justice NM Jamdar. Read it here

Swadeshi Jagran Manch: Rise of online Chinese cos alarming; ecommerce regulation in India

The Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) has written to PM Narendra Modi asking that the government create barriers for Chinese companies operating in India, reports News18. Chinese companies should also not be allowed to log Indian user data, SJM said. Read it here

Twitter to verify political advertisers and launch an ad log in India

Following Google and Facebook’s suit, Twitter is launching advertiser verification and an ‘Ads Transparency Center’ in India to increase election transparency around advertising. The policy will come into effect on March 11. Read it here

US health data in ‘closed’ groups: FB says it isn’t an ‘anon platform, users should know this’

US Congress Members would like to meet Facebook representatives over allegations that it misled users who discussed their medical conditions in “closed” groups, reports Gizmodo. Read it here

Indian content regulation laws will safeguard national interest: IT Minister RS Prasad

India will not hold back from making laws that safeguard national interest when it comes to regulating social media content, RS Prasad, India’s Union Minister for Electronics, told Reuters. Prasad added that the country will hold ‘wide consultations’ with internet companies before finalizing the rules. Read it here

Elections 2019: Google to train journos on fact checking, verification, data visualisation

Google News Initiative has partnered with DataLeads and Internews to host a series of training sessions titled “PollCheck: Covering India’s Election” for Indian journalists and journalism students for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Read it here

Facebook ads can still target very specialised belief groups: report

Facebook continues to profile its users for it to sell ads to them, reports LA Times. This time around, the LA Times’ review shows that advertisers could target believers of topics like ‘Joseph Goebbels, Josef Mengele, Heinrich Himmler, the neo-nazi punk band Skrewdriver and Benito Mussolini’s long-defunct National Fascist Party,’ it said. Read it here

Fighting fake news from a young age: Kerala’s anti-disinformation warriors – The News Minute

A WhatsApp forward with a picture of Mr Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson, along with a message supposedly by ‘BBC News’ tells readers that he is dead. “RIP 1995 – 2016…BBC Breaking News: Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) died at 58 after doing suicide,” the forward reads. Read it here