Google is shuffling its global policy operations to “better meet those demands and to successfully engage with governments and other stakeholders,” reports Axios. It cited Google’s global public policy head Karan Bhatia as saying in an internal email that Google was the most pressurised currently due to its “increased responsibilities, the heightened public focus on tech and the growth of our business.” Bhatia expects these demands to rise in the future.

At Google, the public policy unit will now become the “Government Affairs and Public Policy” unit.

  • Employees will be added to a central group focused on global issues and products such as privacy and anti-trust
  • Other teams will focus on region-by-region issues regarding to individual products and future challenges
  • The company will focus more on resources in emerging markets
  • Leslie Miller, acting head for global public policy, will now head the core team for major issues
  • Wilson White, director for public policy and government relations, will head the team advising the firm’s biggest products
  • Recent hire Ted Osius will handle public policy in APAC, and Pablo Chavez will continue to focus on cloud computing issues

Android and the anti-trust case

Its worth noting that India’s antri-trust regulator CCI is examining whether Google is abusing its Android OS to block rivals. The case is reportedly similar to the one Google faced in Europe last year and was penalized $5 billion for. CCI’s complaint is currently at a preliminary stage; the regulator may ask that the investigation continue further or close at an early stage if it doesn’t see merit in it.

Apart from this, France’s data regulator CNIL slapped a fine of 50 million euros on Google last month, claiming that the company was in breach of the EU’s data protection rule GDPR. The penalty is more concerning given that it may become a benchmark for other EU regulators if they examine American companies for GDPR violations.

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