MediaNama invites you to apply for a #NAMApolicy discussion on the Indian government’s draft National E-commerce Policy in Delhi, on the 8th of March (Fri) 2019.

You can apply here:

The proposed policy seeks to regulate more than just e-commerce platforms and sellers, and will impact Payment Gateways, the Internet of Things, Search Engines, ISPs and even the Advertising & Content ecosystem. In effect, this isn’t just an e-commerce policy, but a policy that seeks to regulate the entire Internet economy in India. You may read our summary of the policy here.

We aim to discuss the proposed policy, its consequences & its impact on businesses and consumers, and the requirements of the proposed regulations in the first place.

To attend, please apply here:

Registration does not guarantee attendance. In case you fit our mandate for the intended audience, we’ll send you a confirmation on or before March 8th, 2019. These discussions are curated and participative in nature.

Your contact information will never be shared with anyone outside of MediaNama.

To get a sense of the depth of the discussions at #NAMA events, do check the stories we’ve done and video highlights of our past discussions.


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