Netflix now has 139 million memberships worldwide, 9 million more than it had last quarter, and 29 million more than what it had at the beginning of 2018. Of the new paid subscriptions, 1.5 million came from the US and the remaining 7.3 million came from outside the US. The company also has 2 million free trial users in the US, and 7.1 million internationally.

Netflix in India

And I think in local language content investments [are] continuing to improve [in] the markets that are emerging for us … both in the markets at scale, everyone kind of like some of the same things and [in] other markets that are more unique content tastes like in Korea and Japan and India, where we’re able to be much more fine-tuned about what we’re offering those markets as well.
– Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos

The company does not provide a countrywide breakdown of its subscribers, neither is it possible to know how successful its originals have been since it doesn’t release viewing data for its shows.

Two months ago, Netflix said that it plans to back 9 original productions in India (see a list of the upcoming shows here) and its chief Reed Hastings said that India could deliver the service’s next 100 million subscribers. For now, Neflix has 139 million users worldwide.

Netflix India’s head of content Swati Shetty stepped down from her role in December.


International revenue stood at $2.1 billion, and revenue from paid memberships stood at $80.7 million. Paid net adds for the entire year were 33% higher than the 22 million net adds in 2017.

The company reported revenues of $4.1 billion this quarter, which is 27% higher YoY from $3.2 billion in the same quarter last year. Netflix said it accounts for 10% of TV screen time in the US. “In other countries, we earn a low percentage of screen time due to lower penetration of our service,” it said.

Netflix said that 45 million people had watched Sandra Bullock starrer BirdBoxYou and Sex Education should reach 40 million households in the first 4 weeks of release, Elite from Spain reached 20 million households in the first 4 weeks of release. 
The company hired Spencer Neumann as chief finance officer earlier this month.

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