Google has hired a senior Apple engineer Bill Stevenson to work on its Fuchsia operating system, reports Android Authority. Stevenson will help bring the OS to market, according to a LinkedIn update he posted. He will start working with Google next month. 

Stevenson has been a software engineer at CSC, founder and owner at Surreal Technologies, instructor and RA at Pennsylvania State University before he joined Apple in 2004. At Apple, he has worked as product release engineer, senior engineering program manager, both with OS X, and senior manager at Mac/Windows program development.  

Google has been working on Fuchsia for about 2.5 years now: it is a “capability based” OS which will run across smartphones, tablets, desktops and possibly wearables. While it was rumoured that Fuchsia would replace Android, Google said that Fuchsia was only “one of many open source experimental projects” in July last year. Like Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is a free and open source software.

Earlier this month, Android Authority reported that Fuchsia can run Android apps currently. The new OS may be installed on IoT devices like smart speakers etc, before they become available for phone and desktops. This OS has the ability to be scaled from wearables to desktop PCs (even supports ARM, MIPS and x86 processors), and possibly more devices, which gives it an edge over current mobile and computer operating systems. Fuchsia’s mobile UI is called ‘Armadillo’.

Read more about the OS here and here.

Android, even though developed for a mobile OS, has found several applications in smart devices, cars and navigation and even financial systems.

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