We’re gearing up for our discussion on Intermediary Liability protections in India, in Bangalore on the 25th of January, and in Delhi on the 7th of February. For Bangalore, we have around 80 people confirmed, so there’s still room. If you’re interested in attending, do apply here.

Here’s a long reading list for you to consider reading before attending the discussion:

The current consultation

  1. The amendments proposed by MEITY
  2. Mozilla’s statement on the IT Rules amendments
  3. Divij Joshi, a fellow at Vidhi Centre for legal policy, on these rules
  4. My take on these rules, along with historical context
  5. MeitY’s draft intermediary guidelines need a relook, but not at cost of fundamental rights, Firstpost

More recent context

  1. Are ecommerce players intermediaries? This judgment defines when platforms aren’t intermediaries
  2. Google vs Vishakha industries
  3. The gap that intermediaries exploit
  4. Dunzo and intermediary liabilty for alcohol delivery
  5. On 99 Acres and intermediary liability
  6. Online speech and intermediary liability: T-Series vs Myspace:
  7. MP Policy files case against Paytm directors
  8. Online pharmacies and intermediary liability
  9. Summary of India’s draft National Encryption Policy, Kochhar & Co. (2015)

Intermediary Liability and the Shreya Singhal case

  1. Views post the Shreya Singhal judgment by J. Sai Deepak
  2. At CIS, a take on the judgment by Jyoti Pandey
  3. Mouthshut challenges IT Rules

Prior to the Shreya Singhal case

  1. Research on how intermediaries were taking down content, by Rishabh Dara
  2. MP Moves Motion In Rajya Sabha For Annulment Of India’s IT Rules
  3. Motion For Annulment Of India’s IT Rules Defeated In Rajya Sabha; IT Minister Promises Consultation
  4. Indian Music Industry Files Petition Supporting IT Rules
  5. Public Interest Litigation Challenges India’s IT Rules In The Kerala High Court
  6. The arrest of Avnish Bajaj
  7. Indian government clarification not enough
  8. On the Internet control rules: read and read
  9. On the IT Act: read and read