Following the directions of the Supreme Court in the Aadhaar verdict, the UIDAI has initiated the process of deleting authentication logs of all services beyond six months, reports PTI. The SC also directed the government not to issue Aadhaar cards to illegal immigrants.

“The apex court has also asked us that no illegal immigrant should be given Aadhaar, so we have started reviewing our own process on how we can make the scrutiny of the document more rigorous. We are taking a number of steps to implement the order to enhance safeguards,” said Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO of UIDAI.

In the aftermath of the Aadhaar verdict

On September 26, the court struck down Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act which allowed private entities to use the Aadhaar card as an ID authenticating document. But the apex court allowed the mandatory use of Aadhaar for welfare schemes, filing of Income Tax (IT) returns and allotment of the Permanent Account Number (PAN).

  • In a circular dated Oct 26, telecom department barred telecom companies from Aadhaar-based digital authentication. The DoT, in its notification, also said that telcos should prepare to adopt an alternate digital process which envisages a customer acquisition form (CAF) which would be embedded with live photographs of subscribers and have scanned images of a proof of address and identify, making the entire process paperless.
  • The UIDAI also informed that all banks will be entitled to seek authentication of the beneficiaries availing subsidies, benefits, services under Aadhaar Act, for transfer of any subsidy or benefits to the bank account of the beneficiary.