Uber’s vice-president for product, maps and marketplace Manik Gupta has been promoted to the chief product officer of the company, reports TechCrunch. Gupta will work on fine-tuning GPS for more accurate pickups and making Uber’s new rider and driver loyalty program Uber Rewards work in different markets.

Gupta has now been at Uber for over 3 years. He had joined the company in 2015 as a senior director for product, maps and marketplace. Gupta worked at Google for 7 years, where he headed Google Maps for the most part. He was global director for product management in his last role at Google.

In 1999, Gupta had co-founded ‘BuyItTogether’, a Groupon-like platform, which allowed consumers to club their purchases and obtain volume discounts. He led the company’s Indian operations for around 2 years from Bangalore. The company was later acquired by Norwegian company CoShopper. He also served as product manager for HP for three years, after he departed from BuyItTogether.

Recent hires at Uber

  • In September, Uber hired Rebecca Messina as its first chief marketing officer.
  • A month prior to this, Uber hired Nelson Chai as its CFO – a position that had been vacant for 3 years after former CFO Brent Callinicos’ exit.
  • It hired Matt Olsen as its chief security officer.
  • Uber appointed Ruby Zefo as its chief privacy officer.
  • It hired Simon Hania as data protection officer.
  • Uber elevated its India and South Asia head Amit Jain to Regional General Manager for Asia Pacific.
  • It also hired Pradeep Parameswaran as president of India and South Asia.