Facebook offers marketing and interviewing courses

We missed this earlier

Facebook has launched a career development site which offers courses on digital skills. At first glance, some of lessons are in social media marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing, another offers tips and tricks to “land your dream job”, interview tips etc. Its partners are GCF Global, Digital Promise, Jobs on Facebook, Homebase, Jazz HR, Glassdoor, and Open Classrooms. Some courses like “Ace Your Interview” and “Manage Your Content Marketing” and are free to access. In the US, Facebook will offer these courses in partnership with the Goodwill Community Foundation.

Facebook had earlier introduced a mentorship tool where people in groups could connect with others for mentorship and guidance with those with relevant experience. People can now choose mentors based on their own goals and interests; share information about what they’re offering or looking for and can accordingly reach out and connect with them.

In 2017, Facebook had launched a jobs platform “Jobs on Facebook’ and claims that it has helped people find a total of 1 million jobs. It has now upgraded the tool – people can now share their jobs on Facebook Groups. The company claims that 200 million people on Facebook are members of groups “they consider meaningful”. The company does not specify what “meaningful” means here, nor how it has come to the 200 million number. 

Facebook has trained 1 million people on digital skills

Facebook aims to train 5 million people on digital skills and global market access (unclear what this means) by 2021, reports Business Standard. This would be under Facebook’s Community Boost programme where users are trained to use Facebook and Instagram to build their business. 

Ankhi Das, Facebook’s public policy director for India, South Asia and Central Asia, said that Facebook has already trained 1 million people in 150 cities and 48,000 villages with help from 50 partners. Facebook does not mention if this is only within India or South and Central Asia as well.

The report added that training material for these courses is available in 14 local languages. With regard to political ads, Das said that Facebook had removed 1.5 billion pieces of content related to abusive and hate speech. She said that Facebook takes the issue “very seriously” and Facebook is “cognizant of our responsibility”. Facebook has partnered with civil society organisations, without specifying any and said it is deploying AI to flag such content, she added.

Regarding political ads, Das said that the issue is an important one and that the company is working on it. Facebook’s VP for public policy had earlier said that the company will unveil a political ads archive for India before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.