We missed this earlier

Google’s storage subscription service ‘Google One’ launched in India earlier this week, with plans starting at Rs 130 per month and Rs 1300 per year for 100 GB storage, and other services (mentioned below). The largest available plan offers storage of up to 30 TB for Rs 19,500 per month. The app is available on Android Play Store.

What Google One will offer in India

Google had laid out an almost identical offering for India as it did for the US, where it first launched. Google says that because benefits and prices vary from country to country, the following are features for users in India:

  • Access to Google Experts: In the US, users have free and quick access to experts 24/7 over chat, email and phone. It is unclear whether experts will be available for users in India. The availability, duration of availability and ease of access to Indian users remains unclear.
  • Storage: Files in Google Drive and items in its trash, Gmail data like attachments, spam and trash folders, Google photos and videos — all count as storage. Google Docs, sheets, slides, forms do not take up any storage space. Google Drive users who already pay for more storage will be upgraded to Google One. In the US, this being carried out in a phased manner.
  • Sharing with others family/friends: Upto five other people can be added to a single Google One subscription, note that the plan storage is available on top of the 15GB already available to each member. However, the family manager — the Google One subscriber — cannot split gigabytes for storage between members.
  • Other member benefits: Google clarifies that “benefits vary country by country” but they include upto 40% discount on select hotels found in Google Search and Google Play credits. Google did not specify benefits for users in India. Remember that it launched in the US only 5 months ago.

Google had announced an anticipated launch of Google One in India last month. Note that Google Photos offers limited storage for photos and videos at full resolution for upto 15GB, and unlimited storage at reduced file sizes (introduced in 2015).


  • Microsoft’s storage service OneDrive offers upto 5GB storage free of cost. Subscription plans begin with 1TB for Rs 360 per month, or Rs 3629 per year. OneDrive also offers a 50GB storage-only service for Rs 123 per month.
  • Dropbox offers upto 2GB free storage, but has no India-specific plans.