The world now has over 1 billion fixed broadband subscribers, it was announced at the Broadband Forum 2018. According to a report called World Broadband Statistics Q2 2018 by Point Topic, fixed broadband subscribers grew by 2.5% from Q1 2018, the largest surge in the last 6 quarters. Broadband Forum CEO Robin Mersh said that while this was an achievement by all standards, there was still potential to wire 1 billion more subscribers across the globe.

Key takeaways from the report

  • 78% of global fixed broadband subscriptions are fibre and cable based
  • China’s fibre connections grew by 26% in the 12 months to the end of the quarter (Q2FY18), this was 80% of the global fibre net adds in the period
  • Brazil, Italy, France and New Zealand saw double digit growth in fibre
  • East Asia provided 70% of all net additions to fixed broadband subscribers
  • Developing countries are driving the growth of broadband, while developed and saturated markets’ growth focused on improving broadband services
  • ADSL connections are on the decline, dropped 8% in the last year, while fibre connections grew by 30% in the same period. Cable connections went up 5%.
  • Developed markets are seeing growth in ARPU due to gigabit capable broadband

India has 400 million wireless and wired broadband connections 

India had 412.6 million wireless and wireline broadband connections at the end of March 2018, an increase of 14% over a three month period starting from December 2017, according to data from TRAI. There were 81.3 million narrowband connections in the country, a number which has been on the decline, possibly as more people switch to broadband from narrowband.

  • Between January and March 2018, total broadband connections in rural India grew by 14.5%, and by 13% in urban areas.
  • Delhi had the highest number of broadband connections in urban areas with 26.89 million, followed by Tamil Nadu with 26 million connections, and Maharashtra with 24 million connections.
  • Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai)had the highest number of broadband connections in rural areas with 10.63 million, followed by Andhra Pradesh with 10.3 million connections, and Uttar Pradesh (East) with 9 million connections.

It’s worth noting that the TRAI had recommended redefining the minimum broadband speed to 2 Mbps, which is still too less.