LinkedIn has launched a data analytics platform ‘Talent Insights’ to help job providers recruit and find better fitting employees for their companies. The tool will provide two primary reports on companies and the employee market.

  • ‘Talent Pool report’ is an analysis report of a specific population group.
  • ‘Company report’ is analysis of existing competitors or peer companies.

The tool will offer data on demand and analytics based on how people move jobs across companies, locations, labour market trends, profiles on potential employers based on country/area, and so on.

LinkedIn now claims to have over:

  • 575 million users
  • 20 million company listings
  • over 15 million active job listings

LinkedIn’s India profile

  • In July this year, LinkedIn said it had over 50 million users in India, as compared to 42 million users last year.
  • Earlier this year, LinkedIn’s India team launched ‘Resume Builder’ which creates resumes taking the user’s LinkedIn profile as base.
  • LinkedIn’s stripped down version of its app LinkedIn Lite went live in India in July 2017, with plans to expand to 60 other countries. LinkedIn Lite initially debuted as a mobile website in India last year, along with two other India specific launches.

Recently, LinkedIn’s India head and VP of international products Akshay Kothari quit the company to start his own venture.