Google has announced a technology partnership with the world’s largest auto-group Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to put Android-based infotainment systems into cars, reports Wall Street Journal. Google’s Android OS will soon be built into cars and used for navigation, app store and voice assistant on the vehicle dashboards. The new partnership gives Alphabet Inc access to the an alliance which sold 10.6 million cars in 2017, and has already sold 5.5 million in six months of 2018.

An alliance executive said that the partnership will bring Google applications and services as many are “accustomed to” using Google Maps and other Google services instead of software built by car manufacturers.

Patrick Brady, vice president of engineering for Android, told Bloomberg that Android users will have the option of agreeing to share their data or not using the app. “In the majority of cases, the Android platform user has to give consent,” he added.

Other car manufacturers with Android systems

Volkswagen already integrates Google Earth into Audi’s in-built navigation system, while Volvo Cards said its next in-car infotainment system will run on Android. Google’s partnership with the alliance may give impetus for car makers to sign on tech companies and give users the same experience, instead of going out on a limb to develop their own software.

Android Auto in India

Google launched Android Auto in India in early 2016. Pioneer was all set to deliver Android Auto running devices for cars in India later that year. Other than this, Mahindra & Mahindra had joined the Google spearheaded Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) in 2015, an alliance of vehicle manufacturers and device makers from around the world that aimed to bring the Android platform to cars. At the time the company had said that it would integrate Android Auto in its flagship models of XUV 500 and Scorpio as well as other upcoming cars.