MediaNama invites you to apply for a curated #NAMApolicy discussion on the draft National E-commerce Policy in Bangalore, on October 10 (Wed), 2018. We are hosting this event at Hotel Royal Orchid (Domlur), with support from Amazon.

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E-commerce remains a small share of the overall retail in India, and a national policy covering it will govern this fledgling ecosystem for at least a decade at a moment where its exponential growth has just started kicking in. The draft policy, albeit withdrawn, has raised concerns across a spectrum of issues, like FDI, privacy, protectionism, etc. With a government committee looking into these issues, we will discuss them across the following three sessions:

1:45 PM – 2:45 PM​:​Session #1​, Regulation of ecommerce operations
– Regulation of digital goods
– Discounting and differential pricing
– Anti-competitive issues
– Taxation challenges

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM​:​ ​Session #2, Funding & structuring of ecommerce businesses
– Press Note 3
– Listing of ecommerce businesses
– Preferential voting rights
– Opening up inventory based B2C

4:15 PM – 5:15 PM​:Session #3, Consumer Protection & Ecommerce
– Setting up a Consumer Protection authority
– Registration of ecommerce companies
– Modification to intermediary liability protections
– Structuring of a consumer protection authority

We’re looking at an audience of around 100-110 people across:

  • E-commerce business executives
  • Sellers on E-commerce platforms
  • Policy wonks & Think Tanks
  • Lawyers
  • Large Internet businesses that collect and process customer data
  • Customer relations management (CRM) companies’ executives
  • Telecom Operators & ISPs
  • Datacenter & Hosting businesses
  • Startups
  • Technology executives
  • Government & regulatory executives

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Note: this is an invitation-only event and our discussions are participative in nature. In case you fit with our mandate for a curated audience, we’ll send you a confirmation on or before October 6, 2018.

Your contact information will never be shared with anyone outside of MediaNama.

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