Election efforts and NGO workshops

WhatsApp pointed out its meeting with the Election Commission in a letter to the IT Ministry, and said that it was working with civil society to educate new internet users. “We would like to work more with government and civil society to solve these problems together. We’re conducting digital literacy workshops with NGOs focused on community leaders and users to help educate them about the threat of misinformation — as well as running our own ad campaigns,” the company said, adding that it will soon be running radio ads on top of its full-page newspaper PSAs on spotting fake news.

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On election integrity, it said, ”We are intensifying our election integrity efforts in advance of the Indian elections. During the recent Karnataka elections we detected dozens of WhatsApp accounts that were engaged in spammy behaviour — all of which we banned.” The ban of these accounts — WhatsApp didn’t disclose which party they were working for — was reported by the Washington Post in July.