Tata Communications has reported a 2.4% year-on-year decline in consolidated revenue to Rs 3912.3 crore in Q1FY19. The company said that this was “primarily because of lower volume and price compression in the Voice business.” In the previous financial year, fall in revenue was due to “growth in total voice minutes and price compression, a decline in payment solutions business, and the impact of currency translation,” the company said.

In the quarter, EBITDA was Rs 555.4 crore, which marked a decline of 0.6% YoY, reducing by Rs 10 lakh from the previous quarter.

Capital expenditure (Capex) for the quarter was Rs 503.9 crore, up 51.5% from the previous quarter. “The capex was higher because of expansion in India access network,” the company said.


Gross revenue for the quarter from data business was Rs 2,790 crore, up by 4.08% YoY and down 0.2% QoQ. EBITDA for data services — which Tata provides both to wired corporate subscribers and wireless ones — this quarter was Rs 555.4 crore, down by 0.6% YoY and remaining approximately the same in a QoQ basis.

For voice, gross revenue for the quarter was Rs 78.36 crore, which marked a decline of 54.64% YoY and 38.25% QoQ.

Usage metrics

Data traffic carried by Tata Communications for Q4FY18 was 9.74 terabits per second on average. Virtual Private Network (VPN) and International Private Line (IPL) were the key contributors in data revenue with 26.8% and 20.6% of the data revenue mix.

Total active data customers for the quarter were 5,557 as against 4,924 in Q1FY18.

Total volume of voice calls was 8.7 billion minutes in Q1FY19 as compared to 10.8 billion minutes in Q1FY18. Notably, a large chunk of voice minutes were international long distance calls, 7.9 billion minutes for Q1FY19.

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