MediaNama invites you to apply for a curated #NAMAprivacy discussion on the Data Protection report.

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The Justice Srikrishna Committee has released a draft data protection law for India, and we will be discussing the issues related to the law: what needs to be changed in the final version, and what’s right and wrong with the current approach. Topics we will cover will include:

  • Issues related to data sovereignty, localisation, mirroring and cross border data flows.
  • Impact on consent, data collection, storage and transfer.
  • Role of the data protection authority, auditing and enforcement mechanisms
  • Right to be forgotten and data erasure
  • Governance of government data collection and use, and the regulation of surveillance
  • Impact on notice and consent
  • Understanding penalties

We’re looking at an audience of around 100–120 people, including but not limited to:

  • Policy wonks and Think Tanks
  • Lawyers
  • Large Internet businesses that collect and store data
  • Startups
  • Government and Regulatory Executives
  • Members of Parliament and their staff

To attend, please click here to apply to attend in Delhi, Bangalore, or both cities.

This is an invitation-only event and our discussions are participative in nature. In case you fit with our mandate for a curated audience, we’ll send you a confirmation on or before 18th of August 2018 for Delhi, and 25th of August 2018 for Bangalore.

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To get a sense of the depth of the discussions at #NAMA events, do check the video highlights of our past discussions.


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