In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 15th July 2018

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Update | User metrics won’t be affected by the malicious account purge: Twitter CFO

Update (10th July 2018 4:00 pm): Twitter CFO Ned Segal has clarified that most accounts affected by its clean-up will not be included in its metrics. In a tweet, Segal explained that most of the suspended accounts were less than 30 days old or caught at sign up and therefore never counted. Read it here

Mastercard calls for relaxation of payment data storage norms

Mastercard has called for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to relax its guidelines on storage of payment system data, which comes into effect from October 15, 2018, a report by the Economic Times said. In particular, Mastercard is hoping that payment companies are allowed to transfer or store user data outside India in a bid to help prevent international fraud. Read it here

TRAI issues accessibility guidelines for information & communication technology

TRAI has issued accessibility guidelines for information and communication technology. This follows a consultation process that was started last December, and an open house discussion by the regulator in April. TRAI recommended that a steering committee should be formed with multi-ministerial representation, where guidelines for ICT accessibility can be put out and implementation can be monitored. Read it here

Aaj Tak part of YouTube’s trustworthy news working group; UI tweaks for news stories

YouTube announced in a blog post on Monday that it will be rolling out a few changes to surface more local and trustworthy news to viewers. As part of the Google News Initiative, YouTube will also start consulting with a working group of news organisations on making changes to their products to surface more verified news and context. Read it here

PMO doesn’t have records of any user data requests sent to Paytm

In response to an RTI application by MediaNama, the Prime Minister’s Office said it had no information on whether it asked Paytm for any user data. The PMO also said, in its one-liner response, that it had no record of whether its officials met with Paytm employees. Read it here

WhatsApp rolls out Indian ads against fake news; ‘Forwarded’ label out globally

Last year, Facebook ran ads in the UK with tips on how to spot fake news. That came a month after legislators in that country grilled a top executive in parliament about the company’s practices. Now, Facebook is running a similar ad campaign in India, under the branding of WhatsApp, the messaging service it owns. Read it here

Government drops incentives for UPI transactions

In a surprising development, the central government has withdrawn multiple incentives for both, merchants and customers alike for making transactions using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), a report from the Times of India said. Read it here

India to ease payment data storage norms for foreign firms: Report

In a move that would cheer most foreign payment firms operating in India, the country’s finance ministry has proposed to ease the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) guidelines on storage of payment system data, a report by Reuters said. Read it here

CCI dismisses allegations on Google of shutting AdWords accounts

Competition Commission of India (CCI) has dismissed allegations of unfair business practices made against Google with respect to its advertising platform AdWords. The anti-competition watchdog said that Google did not violate any competition norms. Read it here

Andhra Pradesh website is leaking detailed data of farmers

The Andhra Pradesh government has been leaking the personal data of more than 23,000 farmers who have received subsidies from the Andhra Pradesh Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Board, reported HuffPost India. The organisation encourages the growth of Ayurvedic medicines in the state; the subsidies are offered to farmers and tribals – and all their personal data is available on an open database on an Andhra Government portal. Read it here