Online travel company, posted a loss of Rs 38 crore for the quarter ended March 2018 (Q4FY18). The company had posted losses at Rs 83 crore in the same quarter last year but had registered a profit of Rs 23 crore in the previous (Q3FY18) quarter. Total revenues at the company stood at Rs 328 crore for the quarter increasing 36.4% from Rs 240 crore in the same quarter last year. Revenue Less Service Cost increased to Rs 203 crore, representing an increase of 40% year-on-year (YoY).

Yatra’s EBITDA loss for the quarter was at Rs 62 crore compared to the EBITDA loss of Rs 19 crore in the same quarter last year.

Hotels and Packages

Revenue: The Hotels and Packages business increased by 38.7% YoY to Rs 174 crore for the period, from Rs 126 crore in the same period last year.

Net Revenue Margin stood at 13.3% during the quarter.

Gross Bookings: The total amount paid by hotel/package customers for travel services booked via Yatra stood at Rs 377 crore for the quarter. Gross bookings increased by 42.4% YoY from Rs 264 crore.

Standalone room nights: The number of nights spent by the company’s customers (Room Nights) on its hotel listings was at 700,000 in Q4FY18, up by 54.5% YoY.

Air Ticketing

Revenue: The air flight ticket booking business generated revenues of Rs 137 crore, up 35.7% YoY from Rs 101 crore revenue in the same quarter last year.

Net Revenue Margin was at 6.2% during Q4FY18.

Gross Bookings: The total amount paid by Yatra customers for air tickets stood at Rs 2220 crore, up 34.6% YoY from Rs 1649 crore. The company said that the growth was driven by the continued shift in air ticket booking from offline to online. Air passengers booked in the quarter stood at 2.5 million an increase of 38.2% from Q3FY18.

Marketing costs

Marketing and sales promotion expenses increased by 18.9% to Rs 114.4 crore in Q4FY18 from Rs 96.2 crore in the same quarter.

Personnel costs

Personnel expenses decreased by 25.18% to Rs 74.2 crore in the quarter from Rs 93.7 crore in Q4FY18.

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