Instagram now has a Lite app for users with low handset storage and internet bandwidth, TechCrunch reports. The app, owned by Facebook, is piloting Instagram Lite in Mexico. It doesn’t seem to be available in India just yet. In terms of download size, the Instagram Lite app is over fifty times smaller than Instagram’s main app, at little over half a megabyte. Functionality is also limited right now — users cannot post videos or chat with each other, as they are able to in the main app. Instagram told TechCrunch that it plans to include these features as Instagram Lite rolls out around the world this year.

Play Store screenshots of Instagram Lite, via TechCrunch

Other lite apps

— Uber recently released a Lite app that was 5MB large, much smaller than the 135MB+ download size of the non-Lite version. This competes with Ola Lite, which came out earlier and has a smaller download size (though the size on disk may increase depending on app use).
— Amazon launched Kindle Lite for developing markets like India in March.
— YouTube launched YouTube Go last year, a less data-intensive version of YouTube that can download videos for offline viewing (a feature also available on the main YouTube app in India).
— Facebook itself has had a Lite version of its main app since 2015, and a Lite version of Messenger since 2017.