Porting requests were submitted for 6.12 million connections in the month of January 2018, according to the Indian Telecom regulator TRAI. This is down 16.8% from 7.42 million porting requests reported in December 2017.

For the month of January, the maximum number of requests in Zone-I (North and West India) were received in Maharashtra at 0.7 million, followed by Rajasthan at 0.6 million, and UP-East at 0.51 million. Jammu & Kashmir, which has one of the lowest user bases, continues to receive the lowest number of porting requests at 26,027. Note that TRAI does not provide any operator-wise breakdown for these mobile number porting requests.

In Zone-II (South and East India), Tamil Nadu led with 0.48 million number porting requests till date, followed by Andhra Pradesh which received 0.46 million requests, and which Karnataka received 0.44 million requests. The North East circle saw 15,661 number porting requests for the month, down from 16,899 requests in the previous month.

Note that in November 2017 , TRAI reduced the per port transaction charge for each successful Mobile Number Portability from Rs 19 to Rs 4. TRAI had capped the porting charge at Rs 19 in 2009, and operators were free to charge any amount less than this if they chose to.

Download: TRAI Press Release

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