Times Internet Limited (TIL) has launched a real-time quiz app called Brain Baazi, which will host a live trivia game on a mobile app, similar to television quiz show.

“We think digital-first, and we wanted to reimagine what mobile video entertainment could be. And, so we built BrainBaazi, a completely new format for video entertainment. It’s a live trivia show, with real participation from the people who watch it,” said Gautam Sinha, CEO of TIL. He also said that the app is for India, and will be available in Indic languages too in another three months.

How to play? Users can tune in via signing up in the app and can start answering questions. By the end of each 10-minute long game, there will be multiple winners. In such cases, Brain Baazi divides the prize money amongst the winners (Rashi tried one game, and the winners- some 300 users- got Rs 500 and above in that game). The prize money can be withdrawn in mobile wallets such as Paytm.

The app is currently is available on the Play Store for Android devices, and will be available on iOS in a month of this launch. In terms of frequency of live game show, it happens once each day at 1 PM, and TIL is exploring other timings and more frequency as well. In terms of hosts, TIL said that it will keep changing.

In its beta version, the app garnered user base of 10,000-12,000, and in a game around 3000 users played the game at the same time. Sinha said that the company aims to get 1 million users in next three months. In terms of monetisation, Sinha said the TIL will monetise this app like any other media featuring quiz shows, like television.

MediaNama’s take

Going forward, Brain Baazi will need to ensure that its back-end can support live video for thousands of users, and they will need to pay them. Also, there are about 10 questions in each quiz, and users get 10 seconds to answer a question. So the company needs to ensure that there is no input latency due to server issues.

Real-time mobile quiz

Note that, the app is similar to US-based HQ Trivia, which garnered 750,000 participants within a couple of months of its launch and is currently valued at $100 million. In India, Brain Baazi has peers like Loco, which was acquired by digital entertainment startup Pocket Aces last month. Loco is available in Hindi as well.