Online cab aggregator Ola and Northern Railway (Delhi Division) have partnered to set up ‘Ola Kiosks’ at five railway stations in Delhi. The kiosks will have Ola representatives to help with bookings.

These five stations will have a dedicated parking space for the cabs and the Ola zones will work as a dedicated pick-up/drop-off points, which will apparently bring down the expected time of arrival (ETA) of cabs to as low as 2 minutes. Ola’s drivers will be able to park their vehicles and its users can get cabs from here.

Ola and Uber zones at Airport and Railway stations

Besides Ola, its rival Uber also has such kiosks and zones at airports and railway stations. The cab-hailer also has a similar partnership at Ajmer Junction Railway Division.

In August last year, both Ola and Uber entered into an alliance with the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to set up designated cab zones at five AAI-run airports including Kolkata, Chennai, Pune,  Bhubaneshwar, and Lucknow.

Ola had set up its first ‘Ola Zone’ at  Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore in May 2015, followed by Ola Zones and Ola Kiosks at Raipur Airport a year ago. Uber had also launched its first dedicated parking area and pick up zone, called U Zone at Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore at the same time.

Earlier, Twelve railway stations in Bangalore got booking kiosks that can be used to books cabs attached to Ola and Uber. The South Western Railway (Bangalore Division) signed a three year agreement worth Rs 51 crore with both companies.