The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) may be one of the wealthiest and most powerful bodies in sport but probably don’t have the sharpest IT support. The BCCI’s official website was down as someone had forgotten to renew the board’s domain. The website hosts official scoreboards, archives, photos and videos.

The Indian Express which first reported the story noted that the website was down for 24 hours and officials could not use their email to communicate. The domain went down on Saturday and was not working until Sunday evening. Medianama also checked that the website was intermittently going down on Monday morning, but the issue seems to have been resolved at the time of publishing. Below is a screenshot of what was showing up this morning.

The Indian Express report quoted a top BCCI official saying, the domain was registered in the name of former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi, who had a falling out with the BCCI. On realising that the website was down, BCCI officials tried to get it back up as soon as they could. But by then bids ranging from $69 to $260 had sprung up for the domain name, compounding the board’s problems.

“The BCCI spoke to representatives of the entity through which the domain name is registered when the site and emails were down. They told us that there was some issue and the domain registrars couldn’t accept credit card payment. They told us the matter would be resolved soon,” the BCCI official told Express. The BCCI official clarified that an undertaking had been given in the Bombay High Court that they (registrant) would not do anything to stop usage by BCCI and continue handling the payment part.


CircleOfCricket highlighted that the website’s registration details show that the registrant is Lalit Modi with the organization being Modi Enterprises (owned by Modi himself). The official website for the IPL,, was also registered to Lalit Modi. However, the ownership was transferred.

BCCI and Modi have been engaged in legal battles since 2010 after the former Rajasthan Cricket Association chief was suspended on 22 charges. He was subsequently banned for life in 2013.

Other domain related gaffes

In August 2013, someone at forgot to renew the domain name, which had been registered on August 9th, 2000, and expired on August 9th, 2013.

In June 2017, Dell forgot to renew the domain name for the website used to keep system recovery backups for customers who owned Dell computers. From early June to early July 2017, was the property of Dmitrii Vassilev of “,” a company listed in Germany that specializes in selling what appears to be typosquatting traffic. Team Internet also appears to be tied to a domain monetization business called ParkingCrew.

In January 2016, the most visited domain in the world was bought by a former employee of the search giant Sanmay Ved for $12. To buy the domain back Google paid Ved $6,006.13 — which supposedly spells out Google if you trying to squint real hard (sigh) —  before doubling the total when he donated it to charity.