We’re hosting a full day discussion on the Data Protection paper, on the 19th of January 2018 (this Friday). The deadline for the data protection consultation submission is the 31st of January, and we thought this might be an opportunity to debate specific aspects of the paper, to understand the issues better. We plan to discuss important parts of the paper, segment by segment. This discussion is supported by Facebook, Mozilla, Star and Google.

Note that this discussion will be under CHATHAM HOUSE RULES.

We’ve got 70+ confirmations for the discussion across civil society, industry, government, think tanks, media and tech, so we’re hoping for a fairly vibrant discussion, from multiple perspectives. We are moving registrations to wait-list, so in case you’d like to apply, please do, and we’ll confirm, pending cancellations.

Please apply for the wait-list here.


Casuarina (Basement), Convention Centre, India Habitat Center, Delhi
19th January 2018, 10:00 am on wards

0900-1000 Hrs: Registration
1000-1100 Hrs: Data classification and rights of the data subject
1100-1230 Hrs: Notice and consent
1230-1330 Hrs: Lunch
1330-1445 Hrs: Data controllers, processing, purpose limitation and exclusions
1445-1505 Hrs: Tea
1505-1545 Hrs: Jurisdiction scope and cross border data flows
1540-1700 Hrs: Data protection authority, powers, enforcement and adjudication
1700 Hrs: End of session / High Tea


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